Moroni Miner Block
Constructed in 1892, the two-story, two-part commercial block building was built by Moroni Miner following a mortgage of $800 he had taken out in May of that year. Miner was an early prominent citizen of Springville, who engaged in several businesses over the years, including a grocery and meat market, and worked as a farmer and stockman. In 1897 Miner sold the building to William Endar, who in turn sold it to Hyrum Straw in 1899. In 1903 Straw sold the building to Thomas E. Child, along with the building next door at 274 South Main Street. In 1923 the building was acquired by Ellen R. and Maud Peterson and owned by members of the Peterson family until 1977.
A variety of businesses occupied the building until it was purchased in 2001 by W. William Brown, Jr., and Marilyn Brown to house Bill Brown Realty.

262 S Main Street in Springville, Utah

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