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9139 West 2700 South in Magna, Utah

Built in 1924.

This building’s first occupant was the well-loved Magna Merc. In the 1950s, this building houses the Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers. Later that same decade this building hosted the McDougal Funeral Parlor.

9139 W, 9145 W and 9147 W are represented here.

This building once housed Copper Printing where, for years, editions of the Magna Times were produced.

While old, the exterior of this and several neighboring building appears new. In an effort to “restore” many buildings along Magna Main Street, Salt Lake County’s RDA refaced these buildings with brick c. 1990.

Magna, initially called Pleasant Green, was established by a Salt Lake County Court order issued on July 21, 1874.