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Birthing Panel

As a visitor to the “Birthing Rock,” you have the opportunity to view a variety of rock art styles dating from the Archaic to the historic Ute period, including the Abajo-La Sal style that is unique to the Canyonlands region. The Abajo-La Sal style has attributes of both the San Juan Basketmaker style and the Barrier Canyon Style. The Abajo-La Sal style features broad-shouldered anthropomorphs (human figures) with short arms that extend straight out from the shoulders. The anthropomorphs may also have arc-like arms or no arms at all. Other images common to the style include animals, tracks (including bear tracks), and linear geometric forms-all of which we can see here at the Birthing Rock.

At the Birthing Rock you can also see more common rock art from the Formative Period, such as centipedes, big horn sheep, snakes, and various geometric and abstract shapes. The Ute period is represented by horse figures also found on the panels.

Archaeological sites and artifacts are integral to American history and sacred to Native peoples. By treading softly and leaving things as we find them, we show respect for those who came before us and those who will visit after us.

This is located in Kane Springs Canyon at N 38.52197 W 109.60275