The Moonflower Panel in located at the mouth of Moonflower Canyon where it branches off of Kane Springs Canyon outside of Moab, Utah.

Moonflower Panel

Here at the mouth of Moonflower canyon, along the rock cliff and behind the wooden fence, you can see a rock art panel dating from the Archaic (5000 BC- AD 1) to the Formative Period (500 BC-AD 1250). The panel includes a Barrier Canyon Style anthropomorph (a large triangular figure with headdress), desert bighorn sheep, snakes, smaller anthropomorphs, and various abstract images. You will also find some historic carvings on the panel as well as modern graffiti.

The Rock Art of Kane Creek

Following along the Kane Creek corridor, you can find multiple rock art sites with styles dating from the Archaic (5000 BC-AD 1) to Formative Periods (500 BC-AD 1250) and more recent Ute rock art. Some of the most common images found at these panels include big horn sheep, anthromorphs (human figures), circles and spirals, foot prints and paw prints, and various types of abstract images and designs. Several panels include more unique images such as owls, canines, decorated human figures, and animated scenes like the birthing panel.

Although many of these sites have existed for hundreds, even thousands of years, they are currently facing destruction due to vandalism, which most commonly appears in the form of graffiti. Rock art sites represent the incredible human history of this region and are considered sacred by Native communities. As such, these sites deserve our respect and greatest efforts to preserve them from future damage.