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From rachels_slc_history:
This house is one of the oldest homes still standing in Salt Lake County and is now threatened by demolition (petition link below).

This is the home of Alwilda Nancy Andrus Brinton and her husband Franklin Dilworth Brinton. The house was built about 1879 (accounts vary), likely a precursor to Alwilda’s marriage to Franklin. Both were 22 years old and both were children of very large polygamous families who were among the first to settle Holladay… Alwilda was the daughter of Milo Andrus and Franklin was the son of David Britton.

The home was built of adobe and finished on the exterior with brick. Square nails, likely made in the Brinton’s family blacksmith shop (now the State Liquor Store) were used in building the house. Many of those are still visible.

When the house was sold out of the Brinton family in 1957, it did not have plumbing, heating, or running water- except for a hand pump in the kitchen that drew water from a natural spring on the south side of the house. Several features of the original home remain, the large pine staircase being the most evident.

In Alwilda’s time, this house was full of music and family. Alwilda’s mother, Ann Andrus Brooks, moved into the house in the 1890s; she was known as the Piano Lady for insisting on transporting a big walnut piano across the plains. Perhaps Alwilda wasn’t that fond of playing piano because after the death of her mother, she donated the piano to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum.

Alwilda was an avid gardener and she grew all kinds of fruit and berries in addition to a flower and a vegetable garden. She dried flowers and herbs in a screened-in porch on the back of the house. Franklin was a farmer and kept some cows and operated a small dairy.

This home is the last remaining piece of Brinton’s Corner. The house sits on a larger size lot so the property is valuable. Preliminary plans have been approved by Holladay City to demolish the home and replace it with 11 townhouses.

Located at 4880 Highland Circle in Holladay, Utah