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Mormons Colonize – Develop Irrigation

The Alberta Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers dedicates this site in memory of the progressive pioneers who answered the call of the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to colonize and irrigate this fertile land.

On May 5, 1899, the first band of thirty pioneers, led by Theodore Brandley, reached this point on the old narrow-gauge railway. Their first night was spent in a little section house near here. Daylight found them unloading all their worldly possessions and pitching their tents on chosen lots on the flats directly to the southwest. They came at the invitation of Elliot Galt and Charles Magrath, officials of the Canadian North West Irrigation Company, to assist in colonization and in the development of an irrigation system for Southern Alberta. They also worked on the construction of the railroad to the west.

Over the years, most of the Mormon immigrants who came to Alberta by train unloaded their belongings here at Stirling, a staging point for settlers of this new land. Besides building the town of Stirling, they traveled overland to begin or enlarge communities of their choice like Raymond, Welling, Magrath and Cardston. From this strong nucleus, members of the Mormon Church have spread in all directions throughout Canada. They have aided in bringing stability to Southern Alberta.

We honor them for their courage, industry, and their indomitable spirit. With heartfelt gratitude, we give thanks to them for making it possible for us to live in this beautiful land of peace and plenty.

The text above is from the plaque that is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #476, located at 106 4 Avenue in Stirling, Alberta, Canada

These photos were submitted by Marshall Hurst: