Fisher Pass – Elevation 6,496 Feet

The idea of the Lincoln Highway came from the creative mind of Carl Fisher, the man also responsible for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Miami Beach. With help from fellow industrialists Frank Seiberling and Henry Joy, an improved, hard-surfaced road was envisioned that would stretch almost 3,400 miles from coast to coast, New York to San Francisco, over the shortest practical route. The Lincoln Highway Association was created in 1913 to promote the road, using private and corporate donations. The Lincoln Highway was completed in 1930 and passed here through Fisher Pass along current State Route 199. This was the first Transcontinental Highway.

Not only was the Lincoln Highway to be the greatest memorial, but a perpetual memorial. The Lincoln Highway will never be finished.

The Lincoln Highway-America’s First Highway

The old Lincoln Highway follows today’s State Route 199 over the Stansbury Mountains into Skull Valley. This road was completed in 1919, at which time this pass was officially named Fisher Pass. The pass was named after Carl G. Fisher who had contributed $25,000 to pay for the construction of the road over this difficult section of the Lincoln Highway.

The Rocks used in this monument are from the rocks blasted and moved from Devils Gate, about 1 mile west of here, to complete the construction of this road.


Located at N 40.33735 W 112.57291