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Stephen and Mary Bunnell House
(970 South 800 West, Utah Valley University)


Stephen and Mary Bunnell House

This one story brick house was constructed in 1892 by Stephen I. and Mary Bunnell. It is a hall parlor house with an original rear lean-to and a 1910 bedroom
addition off the north end of the lean-to. Once part of a sixty-acre farm and orchard, it is now situated on the Utah Valley University Campus. The Stephen and Mary Bunnell House, is significant in its representation of the way in which the city of Orem, Utah was originally settled and developed. Built prior to the organization of a township, the Bunnell house depicts the nature of the growth of the area. The area in which Orem evolved was originally farmland and the building of houses occurred in a scattered farm pattern. This settlement pattern varies from the town grid system laid out in most cities in Utah, a system that was based on the Plat of the City of Zion, the model for Mormon settlements.
The Classically detailed Bunnell house is one of only six houses built in Orem prior to 1900 that remains. It is an excellent example of a settlement farmhouse that has maintained its integrity and contributes to the historic qualities of Orem.

* As of May, 2013 the house has been taken apart for the construction of a new building for the University, sources at UVU say it will be moved and rebuilt at either Nielsen’s Grove or another part of UVU campus.

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