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Joseph A. Wilkinson House
(318 South 800 West)


Joseph A. Wilkinson House

This 1903 Victorian Eclectic cross-wing is constructed of orange brick with darker brick used as decorative accents on the house. The darker brick is used in the
segmental arches above the windows. The house was built by Joseph A. Wilkinson. His immigrant mother, Mary Ellen Wilkinson, had a homestead claim on this property after the death of her husband, Moses in 1899. Joseph was twenty-five years old at the time he started building this house. His daughter Rose remembered her father having a strong duty to his family which is why he started building the house for his mother and his eight siblings. In the early 1900s, Orem was predominantly farm land from which residents made a living. Joseph Wilkinson spent most of his life farming the land next to this house and growing crops such as apples, raspberries, cherries and other fruits.


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