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Ducks and Turtles!

We like to stop at the BYU duck pond, there are always plenty of ducks and turtles to watch and often baby ducklings too, I don’t know if there are cuter things than ducklings and turtles. It’s funny to watch the turtles fight over the rocks in the water and knock each other down into the pond.

This is a great and fun place to bring the kids and take some photos. A really great spot to visit if you’re in Provo.

The Betrand F. Harrison Arboretum and Botany Pond is named in honor of the legendary professor who taught botany for 43 years and made it possible for BYU campus to house some 900 species of trees indigenous to all over the United States. Because of the sustained efforts of the Grounds Department, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has given BYU a regional water conservation award. The university has also been cited for excellence by the America in Bloom Organization.


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