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Former Pleasant Grove Canning Co.

The first major industry to locate in Orem was the Pleasant Grove Canning Company. The plant was built at 325 West 700 North, currently Orem Boulevard, in 1919. This provided close proximity to the railroad that was also located along what is now Orem Boulevard. The canning company was designed to provide an outlet for locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Canned products included tomatoes, apples, cherries and strawberries.

During the 1930s the Pleasant Grove Canning Company was a major economic outlet for farmers’ produce at a time when there was little other industry around. In an average year, the cannery took the tomato crops produced on the Provo Bench and elsewhere, and processed up to 75,000 cases of tomato paste. The product was then sold to the Campbell Soup Company.

In 1972, the cannery was sold to Booth Distributing, Inc., a restaurant supply business, which used the building as a warehouse through the 1970s. Subsequent owners purchased the cannery but were unable to find a suitable commercial use for the building. It fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1993.


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