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Silver City is part of the Tintic Mining District, mostly known as the Eureka, Utah area.

It is just off highway 6 to the east and is nothing more than ruins and foundations now, a fun ghost town to explore.

Jesse Knight, known as the “Mormon Wizard” for his ability to find ore easily, decided to build a smelter in Silver City because it had the flattest ground in all of the Tintic Mining District.(*)

To the east Dragon Canyon rises and is off limits due to an active mine up there.


Here is one of the best websites I’ve seen on Silver City.

In 1907 Jesse Knight, already a successful mine owner in the Tintic area, revitalized Silver City by establishing the Utah Ore Sampling Company and the Tintic smelter here. He nearly transformed Silver City into a company town, but for the fact that he didn’t own the land. Knight built a power plant, some 100 new homes, and yet another railroad, called the Eureka Hill Railroad. By 1908 Silver City’s population surged to its peak of 1500, most of them Knight employees. That year the town held a special celebration called “Smelter Day” in conjunction with Utah’s annual Pioneer Day holiday.(*)

Photos of SIlver City Then…


And photos of SIlver City now…