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When Joseph Harker crossed Jordan River at 3300 South in 1848, he luckily found springs. By 1870 pioneers had sparsely settled the Granger area. School was held in homes until 1882 when the 16 x 24 foot West Granger School was built at 3500 South and 4000 West on property donated by Andrew Mathews. Miss Moore was the first teacher. Next, the Dewey School was built one-half mile west of Redwood Road on 3500 South. Students paid tuition and furnished own transportation. Many pioneers had packed books into every crevice of their wagons to be shared later. In 1893, the Monroe School, a two story brick building was erected, using a part of the West Granger School foundation. Each floor was heated by a potbelly stove. This loved old building was torn down in 1924. A three-story building had been built in 1903 beside the first Monroe School and was remodeled three times. It was demolished in 1972. A third Monroe School was built at 3100 South and 4400 West.


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