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I was out exploring and saw an interesting building on State Street in Salt Lake City, just south of 1300 South and on the west side of State Street.   I stopped to take pictures outside and ended up meeting Ralphael (or Raphael?) Plescia.   He had turned that place into a kind of museum of his art, mostly religious art, about Jesus and his mother.  Very different and interesting stuff.  He told me stories until I had to leave, I’d love to go back and hear more.

Ralphael is quite the artist and also quite the musical instrument expert, he told me of building them from wood that had been soaked in salt water and all kinds of interesting things I didn’t know much about.

I enjoyed all the religious art too, lots of interesting works about Jesus, Satan, Christ’s Haevenly Mother and all kinds of deep stuff.  I really like that kind of thing so it was fascinating to see what he created and then hear his explanations of it.

If you want to go I’d suggest parking at “Wayne’s Corner,” a gas station on the corner and then walking next door to his place, the outside is cool enough looking but if you get inside and ask to look around hopefully he’ll be as willing to show you as he was me.

The actual address for Ralphael Plescia’s Christian School is 1324 S State St in Salt Lake.

Here are some photos I took while there:

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After coming home I did find a little about Ralphael online:


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