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Bridal Veil Falls is a 607-foot tall waterfall in the south end of Provo Canyon, Utah. An aerial tramway service to the top of the falls was built in 1967 and the small, six-passenger tramway functioned as a recreational attraction until an avalanche destroyed the tram in early 1996. When the tramway was in operation prior to the 1996 avalanche, it was heralded as the WORLD’S STEEPEST AERIAL TRAMWAY, although that claim is difficult to ascertain. The magnificent falls are just four miles up the Provo Canyon. The falls are a favorite with visitors and locals alike. They can be seen from a scenic highway pullout or by taking an exit to where the base of the falls meets the Provo River. There is a small, cold swimming hole, and if you look carefully, you will find a dirt path that will take you up the mountain a bit for a closer view of the falls. The surrounding area is great for summer hiking and several trailheads begin at the falls. Bridal Veil falls is not only a summer attraction. In the winter, an icefall just to the right of the falls attracts experienced ice climbers. The icefall has been aptly named the Stairway to Heaven. The falls were a feature point along the route of the Heber Creeper tourist train until the train discontinued its service past the falls. The train tracks in front of the falls were removed and converted into a recreational trail. Now The falls and a small park just west of the falls (Bridal Veil Park) can also be accessed via U.S. Highway 189.

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