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Once again, you return home to this valley you roamed, “in peace.”
These valleys were plentiful with food, water, these mountains were home to you as well.
Once again you see your home as you rest.
Your long journey at last fulfilled as you return back to Mother Earth.
Rest in peace, “Grandfather”

Richard Mountain Sr. & Family, Sylvia R Mountain & family, Arlene M. Appah & Family.

A child destined to be a Ute war chief was born very near here in about 1830. Antonguer, later called Blackhawk, watched Anglo-American settlers arrive in this valley as a young man. With them came disease, starvation, and the loss of his peoples land.

In 1865, he commenced the “Blackhawk War” against white expansion, Blackhawk led an effective campaign but offered peace in 1867 in exchange for the promise of land for his people.

He died here and was buried in the nearby mountains on Sept. 29, 1870.

Four decades later, miners without respect exhumed his bones and displayed them in a museum. On May 4, 1996 he was given back the honor due a great northern Ute chief when he family reburied him here in the place he loved and called home.

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