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Perry Posts:

Land in the area now known as Perry was first claimed in 1851 by Orrin Porter Rockwell and his brother Merritt, at a place now called Porter Spring. However, they only laid claim to the land and did not build a residence. Settlement by Mormon pioneers began in 1853, when William Plummer Tippets built a cabin at the settlement known as “Three Mile Creek”, there being a creek three miles south of Box Elder (now Brigham City). Another settlement known as “Welsh Settlement” was midway between Three Mile Creek and Box Elder, which joined with Three Mile Creek in 1869. In 1898 the community was renamed Perry after Gustavus Adolphus Perry and his family, who were among the early settlers.

In 1854 Gustavus Adolphus Perry was made LDS branch president at the location. It had various branch presidents from then until 1877. In 1877 it was made a ward with Orrin Alonzo Perry as bishop. In 1930 there were 341 inhabitants in Perry. It still only had enough Latter-day Saints for one ward. In the spring of 2008 the Perry Utah Stake was created by a division of the Willard Utah Stake. This stake consists of nine wards, but one of the wards in the Willard Stake is a Perry Ward as well.

In June 1896 a partially completed reservoir at the mouth of Three Mile Creek Canyon (now Perry Canyon) overflowed, flooding much of the town, destroying homes and covering farms with mud and gravel. A second flood in 1923 caused less damage.