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Three Mile Creek, later named Perry, originated in 1853 with the arrival in the Three Mile Creek Valley of the William Plummer Tippetts family and Lorenzo and May Perry. They were soon joined by William Walker, Thomas C. Young, Alex Perry, and Robert Henderson and their families. Earlier the land had been claimed by Orrin Porter Rockwell and was an important camp site for Indians and pioneers passing through. Ashael Thorne and Hyrum Tippetts built a saw mill at the mouth of the canyon in 1860. Other mills in the area were a shingle mill and a molasses mill. A cooperative store was founded in 1865 with Henry Perry president. The Union Pacific Railroad was built here in 1869. Elizabeth Osborne was the first recorded teacher; school was held in her home. The first school building was built of logs in 1863. Here all community meetings and dances were held. The Three Mile Creek Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was established in 1854, with Gustavus Adolphus Perry as Presiding Elder. The Three Mile Creek Ward was organized August 19, 1877, with Orrin Alonzo Perry as Bishop and his wife Jane as Relief Society President. In 1898 the name of the settlement was officially changed to Perry in honor of Bishop Perry.


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