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The large building to the west of the current station here is known as the Locomotive Shop.  The building originally opened June 2, 1924. as part of a $1,500,000 renovation of the Denver and Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) railroad shops at Fifth West (now 600 West) and Third South.  The new shops included locomotive shop, a roundhouse, a wood car shop, a steel car shop, and a storehouse.  Heavy maintenance and engine servicing occurred in the Locomotive Shop, while routine servicing took place at the other shops.  The site operated as a railroad maintenance facility until the late 1950s.  As of 2015, the Locomotive Shop and the site are being used by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) for a new bus maintenance facility.  UTA was able to preserve the Locomotive Shop, although several other buildings on the site had to be demolished to make room for the new bus facility.

Art Project:  “Traveling Stones and Other Vagabonds” by Norie Sato