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Hatton Posts:

Hatton, formerly Petersburg, is a ghost town in Millard County.

(notes from Wikipedia) In 1859, Peter Robison and Peter Boyce from Fillmore and other settlers from nearby, settled where the Mormon Road crossed Corn Creek 3 miles northwest of Kanosh’s Pahvant village on the creek and downstream from the Corn Creek Indian Farm. The settlement was sometimes called Lower Corn Creek but was named Petersburg for Peter Robison, later its first post master. Boyce succeeded Anson Call as Indian agent at Corn Creek, appointed by Brigham Young. Petersburg was one of the larger stations and rest stops on the Gilmer and Salisbury Stage Company line from the Utah Southern Railroad rail-head in Juab County to the mining boom town of Pioche, Nevada from 1864 to 1871. Between 1867 and 1869, most of its inhabitants moved up stream to build the town of Kanosh at the original Pahvant village site. In 1869 the Petersburg schoolhouse was moved and reconstructed at Kanosh. From 1877 to 1940, Petersburg now a small agricultural settlement was renamed and had a post office called Hatton.