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The settlement at Meadow Creek began in 1857 when James Duncan and four other families from Fillmore settled on the lush meadowlands near the “Ridge” west of the present town.  The town was relocated to its present location a few years later when culinary water problems developed.  At that time, the town was located on the Corn Creek Indian Reserve.

The Meadow Cemetery was established in 1872 when Thomas Western, an invalid, died.  He was the first to be buried at this location.  Although earlier deaths were recorded at Meadow, most of the deceased were buried in Fillmore or elsewhere.  At about the same time, two small infants, a daughter of Elias Beckstrand, and a son of William Stewart were exhumed from a previous location and re-buried here.  Then William Parker was killed in a tragic accident in the mouth of Meadow Canyon while hauling willows to town in December of 1872.
Meadow Town was incorporated in January of 1909, but the cemetery was privately owned and operated until 1940 when Edwin Stott Jr. donated the land comprising the cemetery to the Meadow Town Corporation, at which time lot certificates were issued for all new and existing lots.  Later, Clinton Bond donated land for a cemetery annex.  Water and other improvements followed, requiring assessments and eventually, the establishment of a Perpetual Care Fund in 1973.
Some of the prominent names I saw around the cemetery were Bond, Stott, Gull, Galloway, Adams, Taysom, Beckstrand, Bushnell, Barkdull and more.
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