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Kerr Millinery

248 South Main St, Springville, Utah

The land located at 248 South Main Street was owned by Simeon Blanchard in the late 1800’s.  After his death his son, Benjamin Blanchard, acquired the property.

In 1891 a young woman named Nettie Kerr purchased the property.  Nettie was 29 years old and unmarried at the time of the purchase.  In 1892 Nettie took out a mortgage and it appears she used that to construct the building on the property.  She ran a millinery business there until 1897.

Nettie married John S. Groesbeck in 1893 and together they had four children.  The building remained in the Groesbeck family into the 1990’s.

According to the 1898 Sanborn map a tailor occupied the building.  The 1908 Sanborn map shows the building was vacant.  In 1925 the building was occupied by a billiard hall which also is displayed on the 1931 Sanborn map.  Throughout the 1950’s, Monty’s Café did business in the building and in the late 1970’s Sharpe Photography was located there.  The building presently houses the offices for the Little Brown Theater.

The building is a two-part, two-story block.  The original building had a recessed door front.

In October 2017 there was a fire in the building.

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