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Willow Springs Pony Express Station

This station was established April 3, 1860 on the route of the Pony Express between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It was discontinued October 27, 1861 when the transcontinental telegraph line was opened.

An overland stage station was operated here from 1859 to 1870.

Note: The Willow Springs Home Station, located at the Bagley Ranch on the western end of Callao, shows evidence of a well-used station. The monument and the buildings, which comprised the home station, are still standing and are in good condition. This station is one of the best-preserved stations in the U.S., and is the only existing home station maintained on private property. This station, because of its existing structures, is one of the most interesting and most frequently visited in Utah.

This is Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association historic marker #83 later adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers, located along the pony express trail in Callao, Utah and erected August 24, 1939.