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Pilot Butte & “Graves” of the Unknown Emigrants

Welcome to the Pilot Butte Emigrant Trails Interpretive Site. The purpose of the site is to help you gain a sense of what life was like for the 400,000 emigrants who left their homes to seek a new life in the West. They were seeking wealth, religious freedom, land of their own, a new life. They all found hardship and suffering along the trail.

At the bottom of the path you’ll see the actual trail ruts of the Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express National Historic Trails.

The signs along the path relate some of the history of the westward expansion. During your visit, look around. This area is largely unchanged from the days of overland emigrants. Imagine what it would have been like to walk, ride a horse, or drive a wagon halfway across America and a long way from home.

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This historic marker is located on a walking path loop on Highway 28 just west of Farson, stopping here you can see all these markers: