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Wyoming’s Wildlife

This Wyoming Wildlife sign is located at the Lyman Rest Area off Interstate 80.

Do yourself a favor! As you travel Wyoming slow down and enjoy a taste of wildness. Wyoming is one of the lst places in North America with great expanses of wild lands.

Much of Wyoming is similar to the way it was before the West was settled. Take a break-smell the sage, hear a meadowlark, and feel the freedom of these wildlands.

The migrations of many of our elk, mule deer and pronghorn antelope herds are extensive, as long as 200 miles, as they move through these vast habitats on seasonal treks as old as time itself.

The feelings of desolation you experience when traveling 1-80 across southern Wyoming are not shared by the mule deer or pronghorn antelope. Their survival depends upon being able to move freely between summering and wintering areas. Sagebrush and large expanses of native habitat in which to roam make Wyoming home to two-thirds of the world’s population of pronghorns, numbering over one-half million animals.

So, while traveling throughout Wyoming, remember that much of what you see is still wide open, untrammeled wildland and part of the formula critical to conserving Wyoming’s outstanding wildlife resources.

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