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Joseph F. Steenblik Park

Joseph F. Steenblik

Joseph F. Steenblik, a friend of youth and builder of men in cultural, physical and spiritual activities. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1904 he has lived in Rose Park area since 1908. Over the years Joseph has promoted many scout activities such as Scout-O-Rama and has been chairman of scout fund drives. As well as his support of the Boy Scouts, Joseph helped supervise and realize that girls need outdoor outings as much as boys. Mr. Steenblik was instrumental in the organizing and building of the Rose Park Library, Rose Park Gymnasium and local Church Stake Houses. He has been a good example of a Good Samaritan. He has been kind to the less fortunate has set a great example with honest dealings in his business and with his employees, and has shown the value of dependability and hard work.

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Dairy Cats – by Day Christensen

The “Dairy Cats” were developed with the Steenblik Dairy, a longtime presence in the Rose Park neighborhood, in mind.  The cats are sited so children and adults can enjoy them as they visit or walk through Steenblik Park.  The four cats are cast in bronze with variations in patina, resulting in a diversity of colors combined with the classic richness of the bronze.

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