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This old home really stands out to me in Salt Lake.  I’ve been looking for some more specific history but it is now being used as an “affordable living center for men” by the “John Taylor House II” organization. It was built by James W. Taylor in 1891.

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From preservationutah,
For well over a century, the John W. Taylor house has served as a gateway into Salt Lake for commuters approaching the city from the south on 700 East.
Presently surrounded by gas stations, retail stores, and housing developments, this house sat in the middle of farm fields when it was first built by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints apostle John Taylor and his family. After only two years in the house, Taylor family decamped to Davis County and Patrick and Elizabeth Ryan (silver mine managers) moved in. Elizabeth Ryan left after her husband’s death in 1917 and the house was eventually sold to John Bowman, Salt Lake’s 20th mayor.
After the Bowmans left the house in the 1930s, it was broken up into apartments and then served for stretches of time as a boarding hostel, a home for the elderly, and a home for “wayward females.” The house is currently occupied by “an affordable independent living center for men” which provides many valuable social services.