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Located in Arroyo Grande, California. Hart-Collett Firefighters Memorial Park commemorates the City of Arroyo Grande being served by its Volunteer Fire Department since 1892.  Men and women have given of their time and energy, placed themselves in harm’s way, and responded to the “bell” at all hours of the day and night.

Fire suppression, fire prevention, community education, medical air, rescue and extrication, hazardous materials recovery, and assisting neighboring communities are some of their many contributions.

This park is dedicated in honor and memory of all Arroyo Grande Volunteer Firefighters, past, present, and future.

Chief Harry Hart, 1911-1959, Served for 30 years as Firefighter and Chief

Chief Bob Collett, 1939-1993, Served for 30 years as Firefighter, Engineer, Captain and Assistant Chief

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