The George Carter Whitmore Mansion

The George Carter Whitmore Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 (#78002663).

The home was built on a foundation made of red sandstone quarried from nearby Andrews Canyon. This sandstone was also used around some windows and door frames. The tanned colored brick was shipped in from the east. The mortar is red to match the sandstone.

The home is asymmetrical in composition. There is a domed turret
topped by a tin finial. Tin finials also top a gabled end and the side porch.

This side porch is rounded and articulated with round posts and a bracketed cornice. The front porch also has rounded posts and a projecting pediment which has carved wood ornamentation. The front steps are flanked with two sandstone projecting sear walls on which the words “Colonial” “Villa” are chiseled.
The north side porch also has a projecting, carved pediment. On the second floor above the front porch is a spindle and spool-like baluster in front of double doors.
Both the front and the north side doors have glass ovals. The north side door also has a carved wood ornamentation. The first floor windows are done with leaded glass in the upper sashes. Several of the windows on the first and second floors have curved glass panels.
The interior of the home is dominated on the first floor by the central staircase of carved, massive oak. The floors are also of oak. Oak is used in the four matching sets of sliding doors. The oak mantels are intact on the fireplaces in the reception room and the parlor. The parlor also has a rounded chamber decorated with oak filigree work.

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