In my exploration I often come across CCC Camps and other CCC related history. This page will be for me to link to all of the CCC related things and places I’ve documented.

  • The Leeds CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp was constructed in 1933. The project housed ca. 250 men in buildings constructed of wood and stone. By 1950 the frame barracks had been removed. Today, only a few of the original stone structures remain.
  • WPA and CCC workers built a new boat harbor on Utah Lake.(*)
  • A small Pueblo residence cluster was constructed in Overton, Nevada on an original foundation as a CCC project during the 1930s. It is as exact a replica as governmental hands can build, and as long as you don’t climb on the fragile tops of the structures, you can crawl inside and see life from the Anasazi perspective.(*)
  • Three cabins were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) soon after the Valley of Fire became a state park in 1935.
  • Pine Valley was home base for Camp F-17 and Veyo was F-31.
  • In 1933, CCC personnel of Camp N.P.2 widened the Crawford Canal.(*)

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