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The old Leamington Ward Chapel, now the Leamington Town Hall and Museum. The new Leamington Chapel is on this page.

There is a monument out in front of the building with the old bell and a couple of plaques, one with history and one with the names of the war veterans.

The history plaque says:

Leamington was first settled in 1871, the town was named by Frank Young, who immigrated from Leamington, England.

The Medallion was given to the town which came off a English Ship named Leamington.

On January 9, 1883 the Leamington L.D.S. Ward was organized with Lars Nielson as Bishop and Wm. H. Walker and Benedict P. Textorious as Counselors.

In 1886 a building was constructed by Nicholas Paul, it was used as school and church. Millard County furnished the bell which was put in the tower, it cracked the 3rd time it was rang.

On February 27, 1899 one & one fifth acres of ground was sold to Leamington Ward and the Relief Society for the sum of $30.00 by B.P. and Josephine Textorious.

In 1903 a church building began with bricks from the old smelter. The building was finished in 1910 and dedicated June 1911 by Francis M. Lyman.

The Bell then was placed in the tower of the new building and served the community each Sunday morning for many years.

In 1952 the Bell was taken down by the Leamington Boy Scout Troop No. 149. It was welded and repaired by Wm. Stanley Bradfield and reinstalled. It was in service for some time, when the church was remodeled in 1970 the bell was taken down and put into storage.

This plaque was donated and paid for by the Anderson Reunion Organization.

The monument originator and White Stone donated by Wm. Stanley Bradfield. A new chapel was built in 1986 at another location. The City of Leamington purchased this Historic Building ad Amusement Hall, with four acres of land and two shares of water.