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Located in the Lower 25th Street Historic District in Ogden, Utah.
208-210 25th Street

Stylistically identical to the Nicholas Building to the west is the smaller complex at 208-210 25th Street. Built in 1908 the simple design features the same brick and transom detailing as the adjoining structure. The building was recently restored in 1985.

Originally, it housed the Famous Clothing Store, the Belmont Rooms, Staple and Fancy Groceries, and Close and Jenkins Victor Cigar Store. The following ad, in 1913, extols the virtues of the Victor Cigar Store: “Lovers of fine tobacco find the Victor Cigar Store always ready to supply them with the brands they like best. This store carries as well selected stock, also the output of their own factory, which was established here five years ago. Their favorite brands are ‘Victor,’ ‘Victor Bouquet,’ ‘Blue Bell,’ ‘La Gusta Clear Havana,’ and other popular brands. Messrs. A.E. Close and George W. Jenkins, the popular proprietors, are among our best known businessmen, and are playing a winning hand in the game of public favor.”