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Located in the Lower 25th Street Historic District in Ogden, Utah.
252-254 25th Street

Of the many interesting commercial buildings on Lower 25th Street, this two-story structure known only by its faded inscription plaque, “London Ice Cream” may be the oldest and certainly one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the historic district. Pre-dating building records, the store was probably built in 1882-83. It has a Greek Revival facade with its pedimented rood and window pilasters, however, Italianate influences are also evident in the roman arched windows and bracketed cornice.

Among the early businesses occupying the ground floor were the Chocago Shoe Store, Bon Ton Restaurant, and T. Ashby Shoe Store.

What probably started out as a legitimate boarding house in the upper story, apparently degenerated into a common bordello not unlike the fifty or so others in the neighborhood. Known as the K.C. Rooms, the business on the upper floor was complimented by similar activities conducted in separate eight-by-eight foot frame “cribs” behind the Parlor along Electric Alley.