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Located in the Lower 25th Street Historic District in Ogden, Utah.
253 25th Street

This building was constructed circa. 1890. The Eccles Lumber Company owned the property from 1892 until 1908, when they sold it to William H. Gampton. The Gampton family owned the property until 1924. Other owners included Reuben Kaplan, James C. White, Ogden Home Builders Company and Weber County. In 1947, Weber County deeded the property to the Salvation Army.

The first business to occupy the building was the Kansas City Liquor House. Other businesses included:

  • Tai Yuen Chinese Goods (1899-1910)
  • Wing Oh Hong Company (1911-1918)
  • Reliable Furniture Exchange (1915-1935)
  • The Salvation Army (1939 – )
  • Roosters Brewing

This building is an example of Commercial Vernacular architecture. Although it was built in 1890, title records indicate that it was thoroughly remodeled in 1940. It is a two-story structure with square windows and small detailing. The building was again renovated in 1994.