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Creston Hotel
Grand Pacific Restaurant

Located in the Lower 25th Street Historic District in Ogden, Utah.
280 25th Street

Prior to the construction of this building, there stood a two-story school building holding classes in the 1870’s. William W. Burton was Master and Mrs. Frosham the assistant.

The present commercial vernacular structure was built circa 1890-95. It is brick, two stories, with corbeled cornice, square bay windows, and beveled corner.

The building was originally divided into several narrow stores, each one an independant commercial unit but all housed under one roof. Businesses found here were:

  • Alice’s Restaurant
  • Wong, Lee & Jor Restaurant
  • New York Cafe
  • Grand Pacific Restaurant
  • George Nole Saloon
  • Creston Hotel

The building was restored in 1984.