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Pioneer Park in Mendon, Utah

Pioneer Park was conceived and constructed by the friends and neighbors of the Greater Mendon area as part of the Sesquicentennial Celebration marking 150 years since the first Mormon Pioneers made the trek from Nauvoo, Illinois to the Salt Lake Valley.


Dedicated July 12, 1997 by Elder M. Russell Ballard
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mendon Time Capsule
Deposited July 22, 2000
To be opened and redeposited July 24, 2050
To be opened July 24, 2100

Nestled between our ancestors in the cemetery to the west and our citizens to the east, Mendon Pioneer Park embodies the spirit of all eras of Mendon’s history. The park has evolved from a sagebrush flat, to a beautiful park.

With its new covering of grass, trees, flowers, and monuments it’s now time to enjoy a quieter time of life – a time to reflect on our heritage and look forward to new generations. It symbolizes the development of our town and its people from the earliest days to far into the future. May God always bless this park with peace, happiness, and the serenity we feel today. May we, the citizens of Mendon, live worthy of the efforts to preserve this parcel of land and of those who had a hand in this Park’s completion and the establishment of our town.

We express our gratitude to the early settlers who cleared the fields, built the streets, planted the trees, founded the town, and left us with a wonderful legacy.

May those who follow do the same.

The Citizens of Mendon City
July 22, 2000

Mendon, Utah
Latitude: 41° 42′, 32.91387″ West
Longitude: 111° 59′, 55.58957″ North
Elevation: 4562.632 feet above sea level
Number of homes: 265
Population: 905
2000 A.D.

Located at the base of the Mendon Mountain on the western side of Cache Valley, this area was once a favorite hunting ground for the Shoshone Indians. White settlement began in 1859 when eight Mormon emigrant families from England, Wales, Scotland and Denmark built the first permanent log cabins in a fort arrangement on the town square just east of here. As of 2000 A.D., five generations have called Mendon home. Its picturesque setting, strong community traditions and secluded rural location continue to make Mendon a favorite hometown to many.

In this millennial year, we the citizens of Mendon have deposited in the enclosed time capsule some mementoes that give a glimpse of our day and the community in which we live.

Looking back, we offer profound thanks for a rich heritage that makes Mendon our home.

To future generations, we look forward to your contributions to the next millennium. May you love Mendon as we have and may your contributions built upon the strengths of this community.

Mendon Millennial Time Capsule Committee
Kristine Sorensen Groll
Rodney Sorensen
June Bowen
Paul R. Willie
Justin J. Anderson

Mendon City
Sydney K. Larsen, Mayor

City Council
Leslie Jensen
Joe Yonk
Tamara Jensen
Rodney Sorensen
Bruce W. Anderson

Pioneer Park Contributors

  • Cache County
  • George & Delores Dor’e Eccles Foundation
  • Mendon City
  • Justin J. & Doris W. Anderson
  • Paul R. & Kim Willie
  • William (Bill) L. & Carolyn Hill
  • Lisa Jenson
  • Adonis Bronze
  • LeGrand Johnson Construction
  • Bruce & Lisa Miller
  • Gaylen & Elaine Ashcroft
  • Gale & Dorothy Leetzow
  • Dell Loy Hansen
  • DeVerle & JoAnn Hoth
  • Cache Title
  • Clark & Joan Muir
  • Sid & Kristine Groll
  • Dr. Gary & Debra Gibbons
  • Robert F. & Dianna Brunner
  • Hickman Land Title
  • Jay Neilson
  • Dixon Paper
  • Jan & Katherine Lindbloom
  • James & Beverly Kirshbaum
  • Linzy Larsen
  • Cache Valley Builders
  • Autoliv
  • Square One Printing
  • Ron & Mary Jean Campbell
  • William & Kathy Fletcher
  • Marvin & Karen Hansen
  • Clyde & Margene Hurst
  • Donald & Rae Leishman
  • Mervyn & Margene Willie
  • Merlin & Blanche Yonk
  • Icon Health & Fitness
  • L. W. Miller
  • George & Regina Miller
  • Wesley & Merlene Johnson
  • Clyde & Geniel Anderson
  • Rod Hughes
  • A. Z. Richards
  • Joyce Hiibner
  • Dr. Gary Maynard
  • Ford & Carol Call
  • Helen Crane
  • Murrell Martin
  • Gem Valley Incorporated
  • Glenna Markey
  • Sydney & Valerie Larsen
  • Dan Kropf
  • Ray Olsen Construction
  • Don Dodgen Construction
  • Kim Johnson Construction
  • Tom Crookston Construction
  • Raymond Construction
  • Kelly Loosle Construction
  • Dave Grange Construction
  • Thayne & Susan Anderson
  • Joshua & Jacob Anderson
  • Blaine Bingham
  • Bill Hall
  • Wayne & Annetta Andersen
  • Paul & Nola Murray
  • Barry & Tawna Fonnesbeck
  • David & Kristen Jarrett
  • Gaylen Baker
  • David & Lee Ann Ferrara
  • Douglas Kerr
  • Tracie Hillyard
  • John Davidson
  • Rod & Karole Sorensen
  • David Kotter
  • G.F. Productions
  • David & Kaye Taylor
  • Richard & Paula Watkins Family
  • School of Natural Learning
  • First Ward Quilters
  • Patchwork Quilters
  • Mendon L.D.S. Wards
  • Eagle Scout Project: (Landscaping, 1997) Spencer Chandler
  • Eagle Scout Project: (Pioneer Sign, 1997) Preston Chandler
  • Eagle Scout Project: (Time Capsule, 2000) B. J. Yonk