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Pine Canyon Charcoal Kiln

Archibald C. Shields and his brother Robert C. Shields, developed the first brick making business in Pine Canyon, Tooele, Utah in about 1865. They made the bricks on their farm and fired them in kilns constructed for that purpose.

This kiln measures 30-feet high and 12-feet in diameter with a dome-shaped top and resembles a very tall beehive.

Other kilns were built in Pine Canyon, some for the making of bricks and others were used to process charcoal. This is the only remaining pioneer charcoal kiln that has survived.

In 1869 bricks from these kilns were hauled to Stockton, Utah, south of Tooele, for the construction of a smelter. The smelter was needed to process the gold, silver, iron ore and other metals from the mines in Stockton, Ophir, and Mercer, Utah. Additional bricks were fired and were sold to pioneers living throughout Tooele Valley. They were able to build a number of homes, some of which are still standing.

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers commemorate two fine pioneers— great entrepreneurs who provided jobs for their community. They produced bricks and charcoal that were needed by the smelters, and who in turn, hired men to work so they could provide for their families.

This is D.U.P. historic marker #586, erected in 2018 by the Helen Gillespie Shields DUP Camp at 1631 Pine Canyon Road (private property) in Tooele, Utah