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This home off 1700 South in Salt Lake was built in 1894 for William and Margaret Ann Cornick. Margaret’s brother, Seth Rigby, had previously owned the land where the home was built. They operated a farm on the remaining Rigby property.
William and Margaret Ann raised three children in this home. After their passing, their son Clyde and his wife Ruby took over the home. They added on a brick sunporch during their tenure. Ruby ended up dying on the sunporch at age 90.
The property used to contain a two-story barn with a hayloft, a toolshed, a chicken coop and a vegetable garden. All of these elements have since been removed.
The home has since become an office space and is now surrounded by other commercial buildings, but still maintains its historic charm.

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This is located at 1727 South Major Street in Salt Lake City, Utah