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Welcome to Vernal’s Walking History Tour

Adjacent to you, as well as within ten minutes walking time from here, are located a total of 21 plaques looking similar to this one in color, size and shape. Mounted on three-foot-tall metal posts and typically located along the street-side of the sidewalk, these plaques illustrate historical events as they occurred over 100 years ago. These plaques reference locations on the opposite side of the street so you can see what the old establishments looked like in their day.

In addition to the six displayed within this, Cobble Rock Park, you can find the remaining plaques by following the map shown here.

What the plaques describe are sometimes the colorful, tragic, humorous, and anecdotal short stories of how Vernal settlers endured, preserved, and creatively entrepreneured to make Ashley Valley their home.

It is by history that we understand the challenges of the past. By our present that we protect it, and by our future that we learn from it. – Anonymous

There is properly no history; only biography. – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Below are the titles of the plaques located along the walking tour. Click on the title to go to a page about that location/plaque and see photos and descriptions.

  1. They Didn’t Have a Lot of Money, but They Didn’t Know They Were Poor
  2. …shipped another 12,000 hen fruit by Parcel Post
  3. If the Gable End of Old Hell Would Blow Out, it Wouldn’t Melt the Snow in Six Months!
  4. Do Religion and Money Mix? A Tale of Two Banks
  5. If You Were an Outlaw, Where Would You Shop?
  6. Where Can You Get an Iron Port, Phosphate, or Suicide?
  7. Cobble Rock Station
  8. Splendid Specimen of Architecture
  9. Vernal Auto Company
  10. Fort Scared-to-Death
  11. One of the Top 50 Small Cities in the U.S.
  12. Biggest Little City off the Railroad
  13. What Do You Get With a Cow, a Jug of Whiskey, and the City’s Cat?
  14. “Horse Dies of Automobilitis – Scared to Death by Model A Ford”
  15. Now Playing at the Vernal Theater
  16. How Far Would You Carry a Brick for Seven Cents
  17. Why Did Women Love This Place?
  18. Where the Dollar Has More Cents
  19. Railway Depot Built, But No Train Arrived!
  20. Lycurgus Johnson Memorial Park
  21. “Uintah – You Say it ‘You-in-tah’ “

This walking tour is located in downtown Vernal, Utah