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Established by Mormon Pioneers in 1855, as Fort Cedar Springs. Church President Brigham Young gave permit for the families of William Stevens Sr. and Richard Johnson to start a settlement near these grassy, spring-fed cedar hills.

Joined that fall by eight more families. The small colony began construction of an adobe walled fort to serve as a home for the people and protection from Piute Indians. In use until 1867, it was a place of refuge for the weary frontier traveler. It came to be known as “Buttermilk Fort” because of its dairying industry and its refreshing drink.

In 1858 a Post Office was established and the name changed to honor the memory of Elijah Holden. He had perished in 1857 on the Scipio Pass (nine miles to the north) in a snowstorm, while attempting to save a small boy’s life.

Residents of Holden still radiate the enduring qualities bequeathed them by their hardy pioneering ancestors…thrift, perseverance, and a strong abiding love of God.

This historic marker is located at approximately 550 North 100 East in Holden, Utah