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Helper Main Post Office

The Helper Main Post Office, built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), is significant for its association with the federal government’s New Deal public arts programs. As one of only three Utah post offices that contain public art, it shows the depression era link between the federal government and the community. Built for less than $45,000, architect Louis Simon, engineer Neal Melick, and contractors Newstrom-Davis of Denver supervised the construction.

The interior mural hanging over the postmaster’s door was painted by Jenne Magafan and represents a notable type, period, and style of artistic expression. The oil on canvas mural, entitled “A Typical Western Town,” depicts a dusty main street of false front wooden buildings and two horsemen riding into a town. The design was the winner in a forty-eight state competition sponsored by the Fine Arts Section of the Federal Works Agency.

Marker placed in 1997 (CR-07-729.) by Division of State History. Located at 45 South Main Street in Helper, Utah