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Rainbow Inn

The Rainbow Inn is located at 305 N Mains St, Helper, Utah and was built in 1922. Originally owned by Lena Fodero, the building was used as a hotel, bar, and sporting house. It was known for the bordello on the upper floor. The railroad which serviced the Spring Canyon coal mining towns went directly past the Rainbow Inn. It’s location drew many single male immigrants who were working on the railroad, at the power plants and in the coal mines.

It was purchased by Stephen M. Johnson on May 1, 1980 and used as a bar. On July 23, 1983, The Rainbow Inn became the first official watering hole of the Utah out post, known as Matt Warner, of the Mountain Charlie Chapter of E Clampus Vitus. The Rainbow Inn closed its doors in 1987.

This marker was erected in 2017 by Matt Warner Chapter 1900 E Clampus Vitus.


Located at 305 N Main Street in Helper, Utah