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City Hall Block

Early Residents and Businesses – Circa 1900

The first building on this site was a home built for Walter Hughes, located on the northwest quarter of the block. In 1901 he replaced it with a beautiful adobe brick home that he built himself. It stood here until 1972.

Abram Woodbury and James Hughes, Sr. also built early homes on the block. Over the years more homes were built and a few businesses, including Faye’s Café and the Hughes Motel, stood on the block until circa 1995.

Clark County Offices 1973

Clark County built an office building on the northwest corner of the block where the Walter Hughes home had stood. When Mesquite incorporated in 1984 the building became City Hall. It housed a library, a police station and jail, a fire station, and other offices for nearly 30 years.

City Hall Annex/Fire Station 1989

The Fire Station behind City Hall was built in three phases. The original building was a child care center, then a medical clinic. The City purchased and expanded it as an annex office building a few years later, then added the fire engine bays in 2001. Since that time the building has been used exclusively as a Fire and Rescue Station.

Mesquite City Hall 2001

This City Hall complex, completed in 2001, reflects the history, architecture and beauty of Mesquite and the Virgin Valley. Its award-winning design, which focuses attention on the Indian family sculpture and fountain in the amphitheater creates a special place for civic activities.

This is Mesquite Historic Marker #24 (see others on this page) located at Mesquite City Hall at 10 East Mesquite Boulevard in Mesquite, Nevada