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Site of the Tintic Hospital

Built as a boarding house in 1893 and converted to a hospital in 1902. The Tintic Hospital served the people of the Tintic mining district until 1933.

Originally operated by Drs. Mott, Townsend and Stephens, it was purchased by Dr. Steele Bailey Sr. and Dr. Charles Harvielle in 1904. Dr. Steele Bailey Jr., who at that time was attending medical school, later joined his father and brother-in-law in the practice of medicine in 1904. He continued to operate the hospital until 1933 when he moved to Eureka, Utah.

The services rendered to the people of the district during the influenza epidemic of 1918 will long be remembered, as also the numerous emergency treatments given the miners and their families of the district.

The original building was destroyed about 1935.

Marker placed September 1974 in Mammoth, Utah by the Tintic Historicical Society.