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Manneken Pis is the most widely visited and photographed statue in Belgium. While smiling coyly, he remains the emblem of the rebellious spirit of Brussels. The original Manneken Pis has been taking matters into his own hand since 1619 and has continuously made visitors smile, laugh and benefit from the legend of the good fortune for all who visit.

My brother and I have brought an oversized replica to the D Las Vegas as a “tip of the cap” to our parents and our Belgian descent and to warm the hearts of visitors and locals alike. Manneken Pis has been described as hard working yet fun loving, affable and slightly irreverent, all qualities embraced by the D Las Vegas.

Manneken Pis Las Vegas will continue to aim to please for many years to come.

Derek and Greg Stevens

This is located outside The D Casino & Hotel at the northeast corner of Carson Avenue and 3rd Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This water feature is operating in compliance with the City of Las Vegas Title 14.11 requirements and a water use reduction plan for this facility is on file with the District and the City.