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Bybee – Centerville

Bybee-Centerville, also known as Sayer, was located between Lewisville and Rigby, the Drybed Channel of the Snake River (Great Feeder Canal) and the Burgess Canal. It was settled 1883-84 by John A. Cuthbert, Alexander Kinghorn, Dan Adams, William Briggs, Neil Gilchrist, Owen Sayer, Joseph W. Jones, Henry M. Harmon, Arthur Goody and their families. Wagon boxes and tents were their first homes. John Cuthbert’s well was dug May 1884. Center School built 1895 on land donated by Eli Campbell. 1900, post office established in cabin of Owen Sayer, first postmaster. Other firsts were: Mary Boram’s general store and millinery shop, Kinghorn Brothers brick kilns, Oregon Short Line Railroad Spur, Parks and Lewisville Irrigation System. A branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints formed in 1900, Erastus Walker Presiding Elder; organized into Bybee Ward in 1908.

This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #427 located at the LDS Church at 401 West 1st Street in Rigby, Idaho.

These photos were provided by Marshall Hurst.