Pony Express Division Headquarters
Here, Ben Ficklin, General Superintendent, and Major Howard Egan and James C. Bromley, Division Superintendents, had their headquarters.

The following were honored Utah Riders:

  • Howard Egan
  • Richard E. Egan
  • Howard R. Egan
  • William F. Fisher
  • John Fisher
  • William Dennis
  • Thomas Dobson
  • J. H. Faust
  • George E. Little
  • Elijah H. Maxfield
  • Wm. H. Streeper
  • William Page
  • Henry Worley
  • Michael Whalen
  • Elijah N. Wilson

Erected by the Sons of Utah Pioneers

This historic marker is located on the south side of the Salt Lake Tribune Building (Ezra Thompson Building) at 143 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.