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Iosepa Historical Memorial

This hallowed place was dedicated on August 28, 1890 by President Wilford Woodruff for all the nations in the isles of the seas, the Polynesian pioneers, their descendants and the faithful Church leaders who left their home in the mid 1800’s and migrated to this gathering place in Zion to be married in the holy Temple for time and eternity.

For 28 years (1889–1917) Iosepa was their home. In spite of the climate, isolation, loneliness, sickness, hardship and death, their faith and courage never faltered. They overcame the cold winter, the summer heat, enjoyed the new life of spring and the bounteous harvest of the fall.

Their native songs and dances filled this beautiful valley, which they made “bloom as a rose,” with love and aloha. A few remained in Utah, some on this consecrated spot, while the rest returned home to their beloved isles of the sea.

The seeds of our Polynesian pioneers bore fruit in Hawaii—the Laie Temple, Brigham Young University – Hawaii, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Holy Temples stand firm in New Zealand, Western Samoa, Tonga, and Tahiti as monuments to the testimonies of the faithful Polynesian pioneers. We close this memory with their song of love: Iosepa Kuu Home Aloha Iosepa My Home of Love / Iosepa Kuahiwi Ika Nani Iosepa With its Beautiful Mountains / Iosepa Ka Home No Ka’oi Iosepa My Best Home.

This is located at the Iosepa Cemetery in Iosepa, Utah