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Iona which means “the beautiful” was named by Apostle John W. Taylor in honor of a town in Palestine. It was originally known as Sand Creek and Embraces a tract of country lying east of Eagle Rock (now Idaho Falls).

The first settlement was made in 1883 by the following pioneers from Utah:

  • Joseph S Mulliner
  • Rufus Norton
  • Cadwaladar Owens and son C. J. Owens
  • George P. Ward
  • W. C. Olsen and brother Ole Olsen
  • H. Dahlstrom
  • J. C. Reynolds
  • Joseph Longhurst and brother George
  • W. J. Rushton
  • James E. Steele and brother George
  • H. L. Hansen
  • John Norton

This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #85, erected in 1944 at 3670 North Main Street in Iona, Idaho.

These photos were provided by Marshall Hurst: