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The Price Riverwalk Solar System Trail

One of the X-Trails Solar System Trails, this one in Helper, Utah.

The River Parkway Trail in Helper, going from the Mining Equipment Display at Poplar Street along the river up to near where North Main Street / Martin Road meet Highway 191 just north of the labyrinth has plaques/markers spaced proportionally to match the ratio of the planet’s distance from the sun.

Experience the breath-taking scale of our Solar System on this 1 mi trail representing the 3.7 billion miles from the Sun to the orbit of Pluto. On this 1:3.7 billion scale a step on the trail is equivalent to 1.4 million miles in space. Get to know the planets, each a unique outpost on their epic orbit of the Sun. See the Earth from a new perspective, as a precious blue dot in the dark.
This solar trail has been sponsored by Helper City, the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, AARP and numerous citizens who treasure our dark skies and the opportunity to marvel at the stars and planets.

The Sun marker is located at Poplar Street.

The Mercury marker is only a few feet farther north.

The Venus marker is only a few feet farther north.

The Earth / Moon marker is only a few feet farther north.

The Mars marker is a little farther north, just beyond the park.

The Jupiter marker is located just north of Ivy Street.

The Saturn marker is located on the trail behind about 80 S 100 W.

The Uranus marker is…

The Neptune marker is located just north of where Main Street crosses under Highway 191.

The Pluto marker is located at the Carbon Fuel Company #2 Mine historic marker.